Who is the Gaming Observer?

The Gaming Observer is Ryan Price, a student who is currently earning an undergraduate degree in Economics with a minor in Journalism. The right side of his brain enjoys video games (of course), television and film, painting, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 for entertainment. The left side has different tastes, enjoying such things as: analytics, marketing, economics, and statistics. When these interests combine, he (may) become Captain Planet.

So why the blog?

In a Journalism class I attended, my instructor challenged me to write a blog. He stated that it would be a great exercise, a laboratory, wherein I could learn to grow and develop my writing, thinking, and voice. He mentioned some other benefits too, but by that point my mind was off and running with ideas of becoming the next (insert famous blogger here).

I may not become the next great blogger, but I would like to share my ideas with you (and hopefully, you’ll share ideas with me). My goal here is to share viewpoints, observations, and the occasional opinion about the shenanigans and goings on in the video game industry — an industry that I have enjoyed learning about and observing for over a decade.

As we share ideas, insights, and observations we can all benefit from the shared intellectual stimulation and maybe — just maybe — someone can be inspired to implement the next great game mechanic, subscription model, networking implementation, the next great thing! Then we all win!

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