Mechwarrior 4 — Free at last, free at last!

Studio MekTek’s free version of Mechwarrior 4 has finally been released after years of hard work and miles of red tape. Unfortunately, this momentous occasion has been plagued by server crashes, buggy software, and a lot of empty feelings.

The release went live on May 3rd, but the site’s servers quickly crashed due to heavy traffic. I was finally able to download the client in the late evening — but it didn’t get any better.

The game file is about 1.7 gigs, and to help you download it, MekTek has MacGyvered (I’m sure duct tape and chewing gum were involved) a client that’s somewhere between Steam and uTorrent. The client is called MekTek X, or MTX, and it is riddled with problems. I haven’t been able to run MTX without it freezing — at which point I have to force close it and open it again to resume operation.

If you’ve got the resolve and determination of a Marine in boot camp, then you might actually get the game installed. As a reward, the game will launch and crash, asking you to insert disc 2. To overcome this problem you’ll need to revisit your old friend MTX and update the game. I’ve updated the game three or four times so far without any success.

I’ll let you know when I finally get the game running. After that I’ll write a review since MekTek has added many new features and improvements to the rusty metal classic.

If you get the game running before me, post a comment and gloat!



I recently read an article in New York News Today … when I say “in” I mean on their website of course. The G.OB. doesn’t get his fingers dirty with old fashioned newspapers. The article was another run-of-the-mill “PC gaming isn’t dead!” soapbox sermon with two notable exceptions: First, the author did a lot of research and fleshed out a lot of her ideas pretty well. Second, she used the word “huger,” as in, “[PC gaming has] a back catalogue several hundred orders of magnitude huger than any other gaming system.” emphasis added.

What a mouthful! Let’s break it down — several — hundred — orders of magnitude — HUGER — than any other gaming system. Throw in “magical” and you have an Apple promotion. With the exception of that ridiculous statement, the article’s pretty good and I’ve added a link at the end of this post.

I think we can all agree that PC gaming isn’t dead, but is it huger? No, because an awful adjective like “huger” is an insult to the sophistication of PC gaming.

Original article: